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what is watering regime for Adeniums? How often? Let dry out between? These are in large terracotta pots, and flowering well.



I had several Adenium obesum ( desert flower ) shrubs in my garden in Darwin. They really are a tropical plant and I do not know where in Australia you are. In the tropics in summer it doesn't just rain, it pours and it stays wet for months. In winter we had sprinklers going, but nothing received water more than twice a week. I wouldn't have known if the ground would have dried out in between waterings, as I just wouldn't let the grass die, so the borders in which the Adeniums grew were just as wet.
I had them in pots before I planted them, but just the same, in summer they were soggy and in winter they got wet from sprinklers. So, being a tropical plant I would say do not let dry out, but then again, why would they call it desert flower??? Deserts are dry most of the year....

18 Oct, 2008


I am in Darwin. Your answer has helped. yes, agree, why would they call it 'desert flower'? I trimmed one that's in a big pot right back, and it's sprouted lots of new little leaves right up main trunk. Mine (in various-sized pots) also seem to flower almost all year. Must be favourite palnt for 'brown-thumbs' like me. Seem to grow amazingly well from the cuttings I prune off, as well. Gave one of my big pots to a friend, one that the adenium roots had cracked, as since he wanted to put it outside his unit in carpark, figured cracked pot would deter thieves! I really wanted to give him some advice on keeping it alive.

18 Oct, 2008

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