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I planted an alyogyne 5 days ago in good potting soil and 1 teaspoon of fertilizer. Having been told not to water I have done so sparingly. Its wilting but has a coupe of flowers. Should I worry or is the cycle normal?

On plant Alyogyne huegelii



It sounds like it's not getting enough water. Depending on where you are, an Alyogyne in a container will need thorough watering every one to two days, since their roots can't go deep for a drink, like they could in the ground. If you put it in the ground with potting soil, I hope you mixed the potting soil thoroughly with the native soil, no more than 1/3 potting soil, and gave it a very deep drink to start--30 gallons or more. subsequent watering should run about every 2-3 days, about 5 gallons at a time, ggrraadduuaallyy slackening to about once every week or two, about 7 gallons for every foot of plant diameter.

28 Apr, 2011

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