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By Grryrbb

Merseyside, United Kingdom Gb

I have a plant that is the same height,same shape leaves and bulbs as a spring onion but smells like garlic.
Maybe because it is in a clump the bulbs do not grow as they should,they are as not as wide as a biro and a inch tall also the outer leaf partially covering the bulb is purple and the leaves grow to the same height as a spring onion it has also never flowered.
Is it a spring onion, can we eat it or what is it?
Can you please help



Could be wild garlic in which case yes you can eat. A photo would be a big help :-)

27 Apr, 2011


Wild garlic should be flowering about now - it has pretty rather dainty white flowers, which you can check on Google. But its leaves are usually wider than spring onion leaves - more the shape of tulip leaves, and are a very fresh light green. If it is wild garlic try adding a leaf to a ham sandwich - really perks it up!

The only other plant I know of that smells of garlic is garlic mustard, but that doesn't look remotely like a spring onion.

27 Apr, 2011

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