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A few months ago a friend gave me this little conifer,she doesn't know what type it is. It isn't growing, in fact there are a few brown patches - more water, different place maybe? At the moment it only gets morning sun.




Looks like a Cypress called Lawson's cypress 'Van Pelts'. It stays that slight blue colour and does not change to a green colour during summer. It likes full sun (as do most Cypress). In my old house, I kept a few Cypress in an east facing position, sheltered from wind (they go brown in cold winds) but sun only till 1 pm - they did really well. Brown tips can be a sign of needing to be watered. As it has rained very lightly the past couple of months I would keep it watered as it develops its roots.

27 Apr, 2011


Thank you Kildermorie. Sounds like the position is ok but will water more from now on.

27 Apr, 2011

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