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I have fuschia bushes in my garden and they have not grown this year. All 4 of them look dead but have random small leafy parts growing. One is leaning right to one side. Why is this and are they dead or still alive?



The winter was severe enough to kill even mature, hardy fuchsias back to the ground - cut back to where you can see growth, sounds like the roots are still alive and the plant will grow on.

27 Apr, 2011


I lost 6 of mine as they were only put in last year but 4 of my mature ones did survive as Bamboo said tht winter has caused a lot of damage. I gonna try protecting mine this winter.

27 Apr, 2011


Mine always die back right to the ground and every year I think they have died. You will find the random small leafy parts will start to grow quite quickly as the spring progresses. Its a good idea to plant hardy fuchsias with the crowns four inches below soil level so that if and when the frost kills the stems the crown is still alive and sprouts again when the weather warms up. Leave the branches on the plant over the winter as they help to prevent your mulch blowing away, and do offer a small amount of frost protection.

27 Apr, 2011

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