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I really want to plant an eddible apple tree in my garden, the is not great. Can anyone give me a bit of advise ????



There are many dwarf varieties available. Remember that most apple trees are cross-pollinators, so you will need at least 2 trees of different varieties to get fruit.

27 Apr, 2011


i have one apple tree down the bottom of my gardn that i have had for the last 2 years and had fruit every year the label at garden centre said it self pollinates.

27 Apr, 2011


Hi Chezza..Plantman...Hchristy...I wonder if I could come on board this one...I don't want to overtake Chezza...I just have an interest in this as I have recently bought a dwarf apple (Coronet...bears two fruits apparently a cooking apple / James Grieve and eating / Elstar). I understand the business about 2 trees and cross-pollinators but this is sold as self-fertile (GC) and therefore shouldn't need a 2nd one to pollinate. It is looking gloomy since planted in the border (gave it a thoroughly good bed of compost and soaked plenty to extrapolate the roots) but I expect that it's slow progress is due to it's new environment and getting used to it and so on...I have only watered it (thoroughly in the last few days) so far

Hchristy / Plantman...would you be able to advise on this

27 Apr, 2011


im no expert on any of this im only a novice but i just dug a hole (well my husband dug the hole i said where to put it lol) and i put it in and watered it i fed it for the first year and had fruit. im sorry i cant really offer much advise its pretty much hit and miss with my planting and plenty of fingers crossed. i have a pear tree, cherry tree and duo plum tree which have as yet not had any fruit but i have been told these can take a couple of years so im hoping these will fruit this year they are all self-pollinating and i have plenty of bees, butterflies and other flying bugs in the garden so fingers crossed.
i hope yours picks up giroffle and that chezza yours go well x

28 Apr, 2011


Hchristy...OK thanks for that...sounds like we have a lot in common... too have had a lot of bees and butterflies so this why I expect I have lost flowers
Kind Rgds

28 Apr, 2011

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