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Hey, I have a small front garden with very little planting room and last year I planted a lot of wildflowers in pots and dotted them around, they all bloomed and it was a very successful year! I've re planted some seeds that they produced and they have indeed started to come up however I noticed this morning that every single pot had an infestation of kind they were like small gray almost transparent fleas! I've sprayed every pot with Bayer Gardens Greenfly Killer which seemed to have an effect as they all started jumping and the entire pot seemed to crawl with them. However I am worried that this may affect the plants and seedlings coming up and that the little blighters, whatever they are, may come back. I'm also worried as I have bees in the garden and this product clearly states it's harmful to them as well as being harmful to everything else if you read the small print. Can anybody identify these pests and if so advise me on how to keep them at bay, preferably in an environmentally friendly way??? Thanks Kit xxx



They sound like a kind of aphid, but without a photo it's hard to tell. Are any left that you could persuade to sit for a mugshot?

27 Apr, 2011


I will try my best in the morning, sure I could dig out a few corpses if nothing else!

27 Apr, 2011


They sound like springtails - they eat decomposing plant materiel. That suggests that you are watering too much or the soil is not draining. Cut out the waterlogging and you get rid of the springtails.

29 Apr, 2011


Thanks, I looked up possibles the other day and springtails was one of them but there was no remedies given! Will try that one they seem to have gone since lethal spray was applied but really wanted to avoid using that again thanks alot xxx

29 Apr, 2011

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