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Pruning a hedge of roses


By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

Most hedges are pruned back now in the Autumn, does anyone advise with a rose hedge to leave them untill Spring or are they also done now as soon as flowering ends I have only ever trimmed them before but now they are getting too big and heavy hanging out and I feel they need a good prune back hard. They are Bonica and Red Blanket

On plant Bonica & Red Blanket



Hi Telme, from my experience I say I would never prune a rosebush, weather a bush or hedge, untill mid winter or at least when all leaves have fallen off and the rose is dormant. The thing is that pruning stimulates growth and that is just what you don't want in the beginning of winter, as the new shoots will die off with heavy frost. I know, I hated to see these longish straggly branches of the bushes with here and there a leaf or even a bud left, so untidy and messy and in the way, will definitely regret it if you prune roses too soon.

17 Oct, 2008


Thanks Marguerite that is my problem I have so many and being a new gardener in my retirement I have planted and planted and feared the pruning, but time has come I must do something this year. Naturally I have had tramendous flowers, but hate seeing it so untidy and fear I wont have the show next year! I am having a real blitz this year but will take your heed and refrain from attacking the roses yet, although I have done the Galica roses already, but they flower early anyway.

17 Oct, 2008


Marguerite is generally right with her answer, but if you want to leave your rose-hedge till spring, support the hedge with stakes and garden wire to prevent wind rock.

17 Oct, 2008

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