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what is the best way to plant bush roses



firstly dig the hole aprox twice as wide and deep, make sure you have decent soil to start with, then add plenty of organic compost, or add some well rotted manure, i like to mix the two together, if i have no manure i mix in some chicken manure pellets, with the decent soil taken out along with some compost from the heap, i water this well in a large trug tub and place a little into the hole, then pop the rose in, tease a few roots out before hand, then back fill with your compost etc and firm in well, dont plant to shallow, then water well and keep it well watered over the year, and in coming years feed with rose feed/bonemeal, i work in these chicken pellets and water them to soften them, and do this early spring and the roses seem to thrive on this, julien.

23 Apr, 2011

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