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Mould on plant pots


By Mikeg

East Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

We have a rubber tree in an earthenware pot. The pot was originally in the garden and has mossy green stuff on it. Since we brought it indoors (about a week ago) the green stuff has gone mouldy, or so it appears; it's covered in a grey fuzz.

The question is what can we safely use to kill the mould but not the plant or the green stuff?



some strong salty water on the outside maybe a few times

16 Oct, 2008


Vinegar is excellent. I have terra cotta paving stones outside and they got very moldy last summer. I put pure white vinegar on the outside with a brush, let it soak in for abt 10 minutes and then hosed it off. Lovely and orange again. Now I know this would be hard with a planter, but you could sponge it off. I think because the conditions inside are warmer than outside the mold has grown, as mold loves warmth and humidity. Just a pot scourer with some ajax would do the same trick but vinegar is an old fashioned method and still works. I don't think anything you will use on the outside will effect the ficus at all. The green stuff on the outside, the moss will be killed by moldkilling agents, there is nothing you can do about that. What is so good to have moss growing on the outside of a planter anyway? Soon that moss will dry up anyway as it will be warmer inside, I think.

17 Oct, 2008


your right
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17 Oct, 2008

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