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my purple sprouting brocolli is dying still in greenhouse at present just come out of seed



It is probably getting scorched by the sun through the glass. Most greenhouses will be getting pretty hot in his weather so bring it out to somewhere cooler and give the leaves a misting with water.

22 Apr, 2011


Or it could be damping off - if the seedlings started dying at one side of the container and the trouble spread across from there try watering the tray with cheshunt compound.

22 Apr, 2011


Hi there,

I made the mistake of pricking my lovely brasica seedlings out to grow on, and left them in the green house.....the result....
dried leaves....
All scorched.

I've salvaged what I can and resown some more, I've also draped some agricultural fleece across sunny side of greenhouse wall, like a tent, opened the vents and the door during the day.

Happy gardening.

23 Apr, 2011

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