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i have a shaded area in my garden that only receives dailight for a couple of hours , if i use a mirror to refect the sunlight will it help ?



Do you really mean sunlight or does this area have a cover/roof and not get daylight ?

If the former, using a mirror might help.
If the latter and the area doesn't get ANY light i'm thinking that you might have to use some odd angles to site the mirror in.

I have an area in my back garden that gets only an hour or two of sunlight each day and most shrubs thrive there and shade loving perennials love it there.

19 Apr, 2011


There are lots of plants that are happy in shade and are colourful too. They will brighten up that area for you. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on letter S and then on Shade Plants and there will be lots for you to look at.

19 Apr, 2011


Birds sometimes fly into mirrors and kill themselves.
There are some roses and clematis that tolerate shade very well, eg Rose 'Souvenir du Dr Jamain' or 'Golden Showers' and Clematis 'Victoria' or 'Gypsy Queen'.

19 Apr, 2011


Oh, very true Pennyfarthing .....
Yes, if you use mirrors DO make sure that there is plenty of foliage surrounding it or you'll be the cause of some un-necessary deaths.
DON'T just place them on a stark surface.

20 Apr, 2011

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