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By Casso

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I planted this clematis (at least I think it is a clematis) a few years ago. It has spread across the ground rather than climb up the trellis and it has never flowered. The blue flowers in the photo are bluebells.




Clematis can't climb on their own and need YOU to provide a thin structure for them to twine their tendrils around and THEN they'll scramble up it.

Don't use trellis because the plants tendrils are small and fine and physically can't twine around a square wooden piece of trellis - nail some fine wire mesh (about 1" squares) to a frame and THEN the plant will climb up it.

Alternatively, do as i do - plant the clematis next to trees and shrubs and let them climb through them - this is a lovely natural looking effect and their tiny tendrils wind around the shrub/trees small branches easily.

19 Apr, 2011


there are ground cover clematis that rarely get off the floor. so it could be one of those.however do you have a close up of the leaves?

Are you sure it was a clematis as it loks at a distance to be more like Vinca.[periwinkle]

19 Apr, 2011


Looks like Vinca to me as well...

19 Apr, 2011


Thank you for the replies. Here is a close up of the leaves Seaburngirl. It does look like the vinca growing through my laurel hedge in the back garden. The clematis must have died some time ago. Oops I can't put a photo on with a reply so I'll have to start off another question.

19 Apr, 2011


Casso you could have edited your original question and put up another photo

19 Apr, 2011

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