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Evergreen climbers...


By Wraye

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone have any ideas for an evergreen house covering climber please - or at least something that doesn't look awful in the winter?



Climbing roses. Evergreen clematis - e.g. C. cirrhosa 'Freckles' or C. cirrhosa 'Lansdowne Gem' - the clems flower in the winter. C. armandii is evergreen and also flowers in late winter/early spring, but it might be a bit too vigorous once it got going. There's also an evergreen Hydrangea - H.seemannii.

I wouldn't recommend any Ivy, though. It can get too vigorous and actually damage your house.

17 Apr, 2011


Euonymus 'Silver Queen' and 'Emerald Gaiety' are self-clinging plants that aren't too vigorous and will tolerate sun or shade

17 Apr, 2011


Thank you for this - i wonder if i could mix them up..?
I just moved in to my new house in December so i'm waiting to see what's in the garden already. I have a lovely cherry in the front that is blooming, i wonder if i can train something up it for when the blossom falls?

17 Apr, 2011


Clematis or a climbing or rambler rose might work in your tree, though a rose might struggle if the tree is large with a dense canopy.

17 Apr, 2011


Yes, you could indeed mix them up - I have two different climbing roses and at least two Clematis montana AND a C. cirrhosa on my house. :-0)

18 Apr, 2011


Do the plants suggested need to be supported? If so how please? I can't wait until pay day - do you think they'll grow much if i put them in at the end of April?

18 Apr, 2011


Just bear in mind the pruning if you start mixing your climbers. It makes the task much easier if everything needs cutting back at the same time

18 Apr, 2011


We have horizontal wires on the house, and the roses are trained onto them. The clematis montana climb through the roses. The C. cirrhosa climbs up the montanas! They are both group 1 for pruning, so that's fine.

20 Apr, 2011

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