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By Km101km

Flintshire, Wales Wal

Can anyone tell me if this a weed or not? If not, what plant is it? Thank you!

Weed_or_plant_007 Weed_or_plant_010 Weed_or_plant_011



The top one looks like a sedum (ice plant), the middle ones are wallflowers and the bottom picture I think are foxgloves.

17 Apr, 2011


Top one - not a weed. It's ice plant, Sedum spectabile.

Middle one - do you mean the tall one with yellow buds? It's a wallflower - not a weed. Behind it there are primroses and dandelions. The dandelions are weeds.

Bottom one is a foxglove. It's not a weed if you want it, and is a weed if you don't want it. I have far too many of them, so they come out if I want to plant something else or if they're crowding out wanted plants. That rosette of leaves WILL get bigger.

17 Apr, 2011


Thank you so much for the information, you have really helped me in knowing what to dig up and what not to! Im now off to do some more gardening!!

17 Apr, 2011


You're welcome - it's a great gardening day here too. I think we all like the "What's this?" questions - see how quickly they get answered! Keep 'em coming. :-)

17 Apr, 2011


I have plenty more to post so watch this space!

18 Apr, 2011



18 Apr, 2011

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