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By Km101km

Flintshire, Wales Wal

Hi all

As you may have guessed from my previous questions, i am a novice when it comes to plants and gardening. I have inherited a beautiful but rather overgrown garden that is in need of some care and weeding but im struggling to identify some plants and even if they are weeds or not. I have posted some pictures so if anyone can identify them or tell me if they are a weed or not i would be very grateful. Thank you in anticipation!

Weed_or_plant_001 Weed_or_plant_003 Weed_or_plant_004



The top one is aqualegia (spelling?) also known as granny's bonnet. They tend to seed all over the place and can rather take over. Sorry not sure about the other two pics :)

17 Apr, 2011


Top one is aquilegia

Middle one - I don't like the look of it - I think it's a tree seedling, like the pic below.

The bottom one is too blurry to make out, but my best guess is a willow seedling (trees can be weeds too!)

17 Apr, 2011


Thanks again for your comments. Beattie, apologies for the blurry picture, it is actully part of the same plant as the middle one, i had attempted to do a close up!! Thanks again

17 Apr, 2011


Thanks for clarifying that Km - if they're the same plant, that explains why I thought they looked the same! :-)
My money's on a willow seedling.

Have you seen the question from someone who'd been growing what they thought was an apple tree from a pip, but it's a goat willow?

And there's another question from someone else plagued by tons of fluffy seeds getting everywhere. Guess what the seeds are from - yup! probably a goat willow!

My advice would be to get it out as soon as possible, before the roots get too big and tenacious.

17 Apr, 2011


My whole day today has so far been devoted to getting them out as they are all over my garden!! They are quickly becoming my nemesis!!

20 Apr, 2011


A quick rule of thumb is that it it's a plant you've got an awful lot of, it is quite likely a weed!
Some wild flowers are on the borderline between "weed" and "wanted" - they get heaved out if I've got something better to put in.

20 Apr, 2011

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