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I have a privet hedge which is very lush at the top and very sparse at the bottom. I realise the on;y way I will really improve it is to cut it back but my neighbour does not want to do this. She has small children who can get through to my imaculate garden and I want to sreen off the bottom half of the privet. Any Ideas?



Could you plant a few privet hedgelings along the base to thicken your side up, if so put in some chiken wire to stop the kids coming through before planting, or use some chunky square trellis, and make sure you keep the width broader at the base than the top so as light can get to the base, are there any shade problems affecting the hedge at the moment, if you plant some hedgelings then good preparation is essential, the base of the existing hedge will be dry and fibrerous, work in some decent organic matter and water well. julien.

16 Apr, 2011


It is possible and even preferable to refresh a privet hedge one side at a time if you are going to be drastic with it - could you cut your side very well back this year and do the other side next year?
Alternatively you may have room to plant a row of lower but prickly shrubs in front of it, though they would need feeding as privet is so greedy.

16 Apr, 2011


The bottom won't receive enough sun unless you cut it in a slightly pyramidal shape. Buxus is a slow grower but much more thick when you prune it so.

17 Apr, 2011


Good point, this could be stopped purely by pruning it properly.
Always prune shrubs into that pyramidical shape or this will always happen.

17 Apr, 2011

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