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In one or two gardens i anage the bech hedges are still brown and showing noi signs of greening. Others in the area are greening up . Has the deep winter taken them or shouldnt I jump to that conclusion.



dont jump to that conclusion as half of my beech hedge is always 2 weeks behind the others. dont know why, there doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

13 Apr, 2011


I havec several customers with beech hedges and most seem to have trees within the hedge that are in full leaf 2 weeks before the rest.

13 Apr, 2011


Dont worry, i am sure it will be ok, you should be noticeing by now the old leaves starting to fall away, and the new buds will soon start to open. julien

13 Apr, 2011


My beech hedge is showing no green at all yet - the leaves haven't quite finished dropping off either. Beech isn't one of the earliest to come into leaf - it will be OK.

13 Apr, 2011

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