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By the River Tweed in Scottish Borders, came across a large bright yellow plant. It had a single central seed pod shaped like a cigar with two bright yellow fleshy leaves enfolding it - rather like an open orchid. The whole plant was about 20-25 cms in height. Could not take a photo at the time. Has anyone any idea what this might be?



Sounds like skunk cabbage. Copy and paste this link:

12 Apr, 2011


Sounds very much like a Lysichiton, Skunk Cabbage. I didn't know that this invasive species was now by the Tweed :-(.

12 Apr, 2011


Thank you both for your replies. Looked at the link and also other sites for Western Skunk Cabbage and that is definitely the plant I saw. There only seemed to be the one plant and I found it at the far end (East end) of the St.Boswells golf course just past the little bridge that crosses the pond. Husband had seen it a while ago and took me to try to identify it.
How invasive is it? Could it cause problems for the golf course if allowed to multiply?

12 Apr, 2011


So far as I know it will stay by the water but if it can be removed I'd get it out - before it seeds!

12 Apr, 2011

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