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By Toshie

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I have two palm trees growing in my back garden. I have recently noticed they have went black at the bottom , the trunk below the bark has an orange colour , there is a gooey puss coming from it and the trees are giving off a pungent smell, can you tell me what has caused this and if the trees can be saved, thank you.



Sounds like the trunk has rotted possibly due to water logging or the harsh winter weather. I had this problem a few years back with some cordeline, they didnt survive unfortunately. I live by the coast where there are literally 100's of palms, very few have survived after this winter, I noticed most of them have been cut back in the hope of regrowth, Im sure this is possible as long as the trunk is ok and it was just the leaves that died.

11 Apr, 2011


Take 'em down now - they've been seriously damaged by the winter and now have slime flux. Saw them off at the base, if that's where there's anything healthy - if you find the slime flux extends beyond the base of the trunk into the roots, dig them out. Don't compost the remains, send it to the local recycling for them to do.

11 Apr, 2011

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