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.....and another plant ID please!!

Hope you dont mind me asking assistance again but can you ID this plant for me please. If I remember correctly it gets small reddish types flowers on it (sorry if thats a bit vague)

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Rhododendron but which one can't possibly say!

10 Apr, 2011


I have one and the label says it is an azalea, but the boundary between Rhodos and azaleas is no-man's-land, as far as I can tell!

10 Apr, 2011


This is what used to be (and often still is) called Azalea, although it has been moved to Rhododendron. Hard to know which one, but 'Silver Sword' seems very similar.

11 Apr, 2011


I have googles but like the Internet you get lots of different and conflicting answers.

Will it be ok in the pot with ericaceous compost? Shade or full sun?

11 Apr, 2011


I have several of these in my garden, they are azalea, mine are planted in the shrubbery and are doing very well, they are in a nice sunny position and I used ericaceous compost, I feed them with the same food I use for Rhodies as they are the same family. Beautiful plants, enjoy.

11 Apr, 2011


Scubasteve, part shade, they don't do well in full sun.

11 Apr, 2011

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