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Plant ID please!

Hiya all, Please can you ID this plant for me from my late mums garden. I've had in a pot for last 2 years and wondering if it needs a bigger pot or to be planted out. It produces little white flowers spring/summer but at the moment the discoloured leaves easily fall off with the slightest touch. The main stem is slight green and moist under the bark. Should I cut back to green or let it (hopefully) self-recover green/yellow leaves?
Hope everyone had their sunhats on this weekend!

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Looks like a Rhododendron. Sorry, don't grow them so don't know much, but try google.

10 Apr, 2011


Also looks dead...

10 Apr, 2011


Looks pretty dire. What is was is academic if it's as dead as it looks. Stick it in the shade somewhere and give it a final three or four weeks to decide if it's dead or alive. It looks as though there are some buds at the ends of the stems, but they could be all dried up and useless. I wouldn't cut it back unless it shows some signs of life then you could assess which bits are dead and cut them off.

10 Apr, 2011


I think this was Choisya, ..... but if it WAS ..........., things don't look good.

11 Apr, 2011


Thanks for your comments, fingers crossed it makes it! Unlikely though!!!

11 Apr, 2011


I would agree with Vincent, this is a Choisya 'Aztec Pearl' and most definitely not a Rhododendron. They are not fully hardy and, like many other evergreen shrubs, have been badly effected by the extremes of the last winter.

It's possible that it may regrow, and it's definitely worth waiting another few months to see what, if anything, happens, but I wouldn't be too hopeful.

11 Apr, 2011


Ilex - Thanks very much and looking at some google images I would say it is 99% a Choisya Aztec Pearl. Can these shrubs get to big for pot and be affected or do they just grow to pot size?

12 Apr, 2011


Steve - 'Aztec Pearl' is a fairly small shrub, even when planted in the ground, which makes them reasonably good subjects to grow in a pot, but even so they will eventually outgrow all but the largest containers.

Of course when grown in a pot they also need a lot more attention in terms of watering/feeding and protection from the weather.

12 Apr, 2011

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