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By Sharonm

Co Meath, Ireland Ie

Hi, I recently planted two Camillias (semi double) in my garden, both are in raised beds built specially for them, 1 of the plants is thriving and has masses of buds about to bloom ( cant wait) the other plant looks miserable, the leaves are turning brown and appearance is very stiff. I planted in E soil, fed about a week later with E food and water each day checking first that the soil is not to wet. Anyone got any ideas why this plant is not happy?

On plant Camellia




It might, just might, be worth lifting the poorly camellia and checking that the dreaded vine weevil grubs are not dining on the roots.

6 Apr, 2011


Thank you Moon growe. Just checked the root and everything seems fine there, no bugs etc, nicely moist, I cant see any visible signs of trauma etc. Could it be that the plant is just not happy where I've put it, it is quite windy most of the time and I bought it from a nursery where is was kept indoors for winter?

6 Apr, 2011


Ah there is the clue... kept indoors over winter and planted in a windy spot! Needed hardening off before it was planted out. Too late for that now but I'd move to a less windy spot, Camellias like a nice sheltered position, one where they will not get the sun first thing in the morning.If they do and there has been a frost the buds will drop.

6 Apr, 2011


Ah, great, thank you for that Moon Growe, I shall move her this evening and hope for the best. I'll let you know if it works.
Best regards

6 Apr, 2011


No sweat... Moon_grower

6 Apr, 2011

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