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agapanthas - i bought 1 large agapanthas 2 weeks ago, which i subsequently split into 2 and potted up. They have looked great since then, until yesterday when i noticed the tips of the leaves had started to go yellow. I did feed with a high potash feed on saturday which i read i should do. Was this a mistake or has something else caused the yellowing and will it be ok? - thanks



over watering?

4 Apr, 2011


had thought of that but apart from when they were potted 2 weeks ago, we havent watered!

4 Apr, 2011


Hello, Could you have damaged one of the bulbs? or has the new growth been touched by a slight frost? they do like a liquid manure, in the past i have put a good bucketfull of old manure in an old water butt and dilluted with water and would feed the agapanthas fortnightly, you need to keep them well watered whilst growing, they get very thirsty, but once flowering is over then you need to lay off on the watering. julien

4 Apr, 2011


Divided, put into pots, and then left unwatered for 2 weeks? Depending on the temperatures, I would expect it to be lack of water.

5 Apr, 2011


They will probably grow out of it. But in the meantime, just make sure they don't dry out in dry spells. Did you firm down the soil around them to leave no large gaps?

5 Apr, 2011


Hi volunteer yes i did firm down the soil, and tugbrethil while i didnt water again after potting them up, this was because we have had heavy rain everyday since and the soil was extremely wet in the pots, so i didnt want to add even more. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they recover. Thanks everyone.

6 Apr, 2011


Sorry, Tilly! I was expecting them to be in a conservatory or a greenhouse. Probably also thinking about here, where the rain is a pleasant surprise! : )
With rain like that, I would suspect that Tengered is correct, and the overwatering has been done for you.

6 Apr, 2011


thanks tugbrethil. i hope they come back, because they dont look anywhere near as good as they did!

15 Apr, 2011


I would run them under a porch--almost guaranteed to stop the rain, lol--and not water them until the top cm of compost is dry. When next you water, put about a ml of white vinegar in every 3 liters of water you use, and that will help speed new root growth.

16 Apr, 2011


thanks for the tip. will try that!

17 Apr, 2011

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