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hi, i want to buy a tree fern. do you think it is ok to buy a log. how deep should i plant it. thanks for any help



you dont plant them very deep . just enough to keep them upright as there is only residual roots at the bottom to hold it upright . the main life in a tree furn is in the growing tip .

4 Apr, 2011


I would love tree ferns but they need special loving care to thrive well in the UK.

Here is a good source of advice about how to plant and what conditions to avoid eg...wind, boggy soil, frost, pests, sun etc

Good Luck! :-)

4 Apr, 2011


You do need to cover them in the winter. Straw and fleece over the top or you will lose it. My daughter failed to cover hers last year and it has definitely died.

4 Apr, 2011


thanks very much. going to buy one tomorrow. bit scared as the one i want is £60.00 . hope i dont kill it

5 Apr, 2011


Ouch! That is an incentive to look after it really well.

5 Apr, 2011


definatly worth wsome research . lucky computers can be such wonderfull things realy .

6 Apr, 2011

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