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By Katja

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I have a large clemitis growing on the back of the house for the last 7yrs and has become thick and overgrown, it is on trellis work. How do I prune it?



Depends what time of year it flowers. More info please.

3 Apr, 2011


The best time to prune depends on when it flowers because pruning 'could' result in no flowers this year if you prune certain ones at the 'wrong' time -

- but essentially, as Steragram says you really need to provide info on what type it is or at least what shape the flowers are and which months they appear, then someone can advise you so you don't lose this years flowers - after all, that 'is' why we grow them :-)

4 Apr, 2011


Hi Katia,
Welcome to GOY. Spitzhenry did a great blog on 9th June 2009 on pruning clematis. To find it, type Spitzhenry in the google box (top right) on this page. When Spitz s page comes up click on her blogs then look for the date. Many of us refer to it when thinking of pruning clematis because it is easy to understand.

4 Apr, 2011


I'm wondering if its a montana type from the 'woody' description - if it is, prune immediately after its finished flowering.

4 Apr, 2011

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