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i have a camilia, about 8 yrs old and hasnt flowered for 2 yrs, it looks a little dead



When you say a little dead, are the leaves chlorotic slightly yellow, they should be deep green and glossy, do you have the camellia in the correct situation? is it in a pot/container?, now you can bring camellias back to there former glory, but it wont happen over night it will take a few years, Have you tried feeding it with an ericacious feed?, are you able to lift it and get a decent rootball?, if so water well and move to a suitable position, make sure you dig the hole twice the size and chuck in plenty of ericacious compost inc some rotted down pine needles and feed regulary, this method has worked well for me in the past and have carried this excercise out spring and summer and good effects have been achieved but like i say you have to be patient. julien

1 Apr, 2011

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