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I planted a Drymis in my garden about 2 weeks ago and it doesn't look as healthy as when we first put it in, the leaves seem to be turning brown not sure if I have it in the right place.
The label says it's an aromatica drymis, and I live in South Lincolnshire if that is any help with my question.



You haven't said which variety of Drimys you've planted, D. winteri, or D. lancelata, or another variety, and nor have you said which part of the country you live in - if you're in the south, it's been very dry, possibly your plant isn't getting enough to drink. The two I've named prefer light shade and well drained soil.

1 Apr, 2011


I live in South Lincolnshire and the variety of Drimys is Aromatica/lancelata if this is any help.

Many thanks

5 Apr, 2011


Lancelata and Aromatica are different varies of Drimys - the first is hardy, the second is only half hardy, so if yours is aromatica, it won't like the current temperatures much, which would explain why its not looking so good. Best planted out mid to late May rather than now, will need moving for the winter.

5 Apr, 2011

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