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Does anyone have any idea of how to take a cutting from cornus kousa "china girl". I have a 4year old tree in my garden but would love to know if I could make this beautiful plant go a bit further?



Hello Spike, I can't answer you question but I'm very interested to hear that your tree is beautiful. I have a cornus China Girl bought from a reputable nursery a few years ago and it has not looked good at all. Every year I threaten to have it out but then decide to give it another chance, mainly because I saw several impressive cornus at the Chelsea Flower Show a couple of years ago. Do you give it any special care?

29 Mar, 2011


I'm following with interest too - I have a couple of unnamed Cornus kousa trees which are not impressing me so far.

30 Mar, 2011


Dear Penny Farthing and Beattie,

the first year I'd bought my 'china girl' it remained in a pot over winter (about 5ft tall) it has been positioned against a wall in full shade at the roots - I don't know whether this helps but I do know it seems to like it. the top of the plant is above my garden wall and receives full sun from 8am -6pm in the height of summer. The tree is easily 8ft tall now and is fed miracle grow about 3 times during the spring. My soil has quite a lot of clay in it but upon planting I put a lot of compost in the hole which has done it justice.

Would still love to get some cuttings though? Anyone?

30 Mar, 2011


I haven't actually tried this one but the book says softwood cuttings in early summer. Or you can get seeds from the fruits and these do germinate, eventually. They are quite slow to get going, so please don't give up on them, Pennyfarthing! They are one of my favourite small trees.

30 Mar, 2011


Thanks Volunteer, I'll persevere with it! I'll follow Spike's example and feed it up with the magic stuff. Hope you have better luck with yours too, Beattie.

31 Mar, 2011

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