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I have a tree fern. I have grown it for several years. When should I expect the fern fingers to start showing? I am concerned because of the harsh winter we have experienced, I am worried that it may have died. I wrapped the trunk of the plant in bubble wrap for protection as I always do in winter.



Unfortunately, you haven't told us where you are in the UK, so I don't know how cold your winter was likely to have been, but in the south, most tree ferns should by now be showing buds, although they do seem to be a bit later this year, along with lots of other plants. without knowing where you are, it's hard to comment, but suggest you give it more time - should be growth by end of April at the latest.

30 Mar, 2011


I would release it from the bubble wrap unless harsh conditions return. B'wrap, is after all, plastic and you don't want it to rot underneath it all.

30 Mar, 2011

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