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I am a total novice or idiot when it comes to gardening, however have successfully grown a palm type plant from 1 ft to 7 ft in a few years, it got through last years snow, but doesn't appear to have survived this year, there is no new growth - there usually is - and the leaves? fronds? are all brown, can I do ANYTHING to revive? it's my pride and joy!

I've added a photo but didn't know how to turn it round on here so you'll have to tilt your head ;o)




Luckily I haven't cricked my neck, knew what it was before I saw the pic, lol! It's a Cordyline australis, and the winter has damaged it - yours is actually looking pretty good compared to some. Check the trunk from top to bottom for signs of rotting - these will look like blackened areas, may be sunken, or oozing white spit or orangey gunk. If nothing, and all looks okay, just wait (though you can remove any dead leaves if you want). The plant may put out new growth lower down the trunk or from the base or both, and when it does, if the top hasn't grown at all, cut it back to where the new growth is. If you have rot with oozing orange, you will need to cut it down past that point now.
I also want to clear something else up - 'novice' and 'idiot' are not interchangeable terms, lol! A novice hasn't knowledge, but an idiot doesn't learn...

26 Mar, 2011


I totally agree with your distinction between "novice" and "idiot" Bamboo. :-) It's impossible to be an expert in every field Fculshaw. You're probably a pro with fiddly car engines or good at souffles. And Bamboo is the expert on sickly Cordylines.

26 Mar, 2011


im ambidextras myself . rubbish with both hands lol . everyone has to start somewear . as bamboo sais yours looks pretty good to me . i actualy think if we see one or two more realy cold winters it could be the end of a lot of these lovley plants . dont be downhearted at losing something . we learn some of the most importent things bye learning the hard way . you wont be the first person to lose one or the last im afraid .

26 Mar, 2011


thanks all! That's good news. I actually asked at the local garden centre today too, one of the experts - like you guys! - and he said just wait but check if it's rotted too. There is no rot, no oozing, nothing nasty, so I'll give it a little longer to see if it recovers.

It did throw out a shoot right at the bottom last year which I chopped off so I'm thinking if worst comes to worst I will wait and see if that happens again. Even the brown leaves are holding on tight so fingers crossed!

I protected it from the bloody cats today with some wire round it's trunk, I'll give it lots of love and fingers crossed. Thank you all

I'm going to ask plenty more this is the year I sort my hideous garden the front is not bad the back oh lordy!

And yes you're right I'm a novice not an idiot ;o)

26 Mar, 2011


NP- good to see you've got your i's back! Have you treated yourself to a new keyboard?

26 Mar, 2011

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