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By Gusabby

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How do I treat a gardinia tree with spider mites and mealy worm? Are the spider mites tiny white dots mostly on the bud?



When you asked this question the first time, you used the term mealy bug - I know what that is, but I have no idea what mealy worm is.
When you mentioned spider mites, that usually refers to red spider mites - I don't know what the tiny white dots on the bud could be, but they sound more like some kind of sap sucker, like whitefly or another aphid, assuming they're actually alive and not just marks on the buds.
Re the mealy worms - if you actually mean mealy worms and not mealy bugs, then you still need an appropriate systemic insecticide - I've just googled mealy worm.

24 Mar, 2011


you can phys1cly squ1sh mealy bugs . 1 use a spray but you must be carefull near ponds .

25 Mar, 2011

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