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Hello, can anyone tell me what fertilizer to use to make more blooms. Thanks.



Depends on the plants concerned, Annabella. If its for summer bedding or similar, then something with a high K (as in NPK) will encourage lots of flowers, but a formulation like that shouldn't be used for, say, flowering shrubs.

23 Mar, 2011


Thank you Bamboo,yes the fertilizer is mainly for the bedding,but I wanted it for all the garden as I feel it all needs a good feed but I did`nt want something that makes more leaves than flowers (if that makes sense)

23 Mar, 2011


If its for ordinary shrubs and plants, use a balanced fertiliser such as Growmore or Vitax Q4.

23 Mar, 2011


Thanks again Bamboo-off to the garden centre tomorrow!

23 Mar, 2011


you can add seaweed meal to your fertiliser if you use growmore.
Growmore has only the basic N,P,K. Seaweed has the trace elements.
Vitax has NPK plus trace elements.

For fertilising during the summer, get hold of liquid humus as a supplement.

Myself, I use BTD fertiliser throughout the garden though you won't get it at garden centres. Got everything you need in it. I prefer it to vitax because it is powdered.

23 Mar, 2011

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