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By Carola

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I have two Hedge type plants at the front of the house and for years they have both been thriving and one in particular has lovely purple flowers the shope of small lilacs shrub and with small dark green leaves, but this year they look like they are dying one of them definitely is, this one has lighter green leaves with orange berries. They are both dry and the bark and branches are breaking off easily and the sap is dry and in some areas rotted. It has lime green along some of the smaller branches. The one with pretty lilac shaped flowers is faring better but this is very dry also the leaves are dry some with brown spots and Ive noticed on one branch there looks like white paintpainted along the bark it is very worrying and even sabotage comes to mind after we have had years of beauty from them this should happen. Could you please give us any clue as to how to deal with this or what is causing it. thanks . gill



It would be a great help if you could post a photo of the plants. One of them sounds like a Hebe of some kind, but whatever they are, most likely this is damage from the winter, but its hard to say without knowing what plants we're talking about.

23 Mar, 2011


I thought the first one described sounds like a Hebe - which may well recover from the cold winter we've had. I can't ID the second shrub from the description - could be a skimmia, or lots of other things.

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23 Mar, 2011

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