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Is my jasmine dead??

Hello, accoridning to the label my 'Trachelospermum jasminoides, Evergreen Jasmine is simply the best evergreen climber you can own. Masses of dark green leaves are held upon twining stems which in mid summer are followed by loads of tiny jasmine-like flowers that smell divine. Once the frost has been, the leaves take on fabulous autumn colour from reds through to purple.' well the frost has been, all leaves have turned brown and dropped off. I planted it last year, so a young plant, have I lost it, or will it recover?



I would wait a bit longer to see if any new growth appears. Some things do look dead at this time of year, but the fact that it is an evergreen and lost all its leaves is concerning. We did have a harsh winter, and some of the hardiest and evergreen plants seemed to struggle and some unfortunately did not survive.

As I say I would wait a bit longer. Someone else probably has more knowledge on this subject than I do.

20 Mar, 2011


They aren't hardy in some areas - but as Alex says, wait a while before you write it off. As it was a young plant, that makes it more vulnerable, I'm afraid. :-(

20 Mar, 2011


You could try to scrape a small bit of bark with your nail to see if it's green underneath. If it is then it's still alive. If not then try a bit further down. It may be alive lower down.

20 Mar, 2011


Many thanks to you for the advice, I'll do as you suggest and leave for a little while longer. And tomorrow will try the bark scraping test. Fingers crossed :)

20 Mar, 2011


Good luck

21 Mar, 2011

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