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Corylus avellana - I am looking for info on moving a 5 foot corylus that is planted in the ground


By Funguy

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Corylus avellana - I am looking for info on moving a 4-5 foot corylus that is planted in the ground.

Will it be a stuggle to move and will it cope with a move ok? I am not sure what the root systems are like on these plants so would appreciate some advise as i have seen one for sale that will need to be dug out. But if it is going to be a be a big struggle due to a large root system etc then i will not go ahead. Also what tools should i take to dig out, will i need a saw or axe to cut through root or do you think they would not be that big?




Generally, the size of the root system is the size of the growth you can see. It will be a huge struggle, and will need a hole the same size to be dug, ready to receive the shrub, before you start work.

The whole thing will be very heavy. With a JCB it would be easier, without one, you would need a spade, a crowbar, sacking, people to help lift and drag.

If you saw through the main roots to make it easier to get out, and nice and light, it will probably die.

Hazels are cheap - why not plant a new one?

15 Mar, 2011


I bought a small 50cm plant the other day but I have seen this specimen on the large online auction site and it is on at 99p and i love the look of it and very cheap.
So you think it would be a v difficult job? Maybe not worth it?

15 Mar, 2011


It's not really the height of the plant that should concern you; more, the width of the trunk. Your particular plant seems to be the "contorta" variety, which is often pruned to get it to contort even more, so it's overall growth can be smaller than the widthxheight it would have been.
Making a judgement on your photo alone, it would seem to be about 3" - 4" in width = big enough to need some serious digups!!!
If you have the patience to dig around carefully and remove as much of the rootball as possible, then I would consider it worthwhile.
If it's going to involve some serious root destruction, then the few years it's going to take to recover, might easily be replaced by a new plant, that will get going far more readily, and probably, ultimately prove to be a better specimen.

15 Mar, 2011


Cheers Jason.

Very helpful and informative.

I have been in contact with the seller and he tells me he has already dug her up and there is a 'massive' rootball. So the hard, manual works been done, i might give her a go if she remains at such a low price. Thanks again.

15 Mar, 2011


And meanwhile, the roots are drying out. I hope it's been well watered and covered with wet sacking. I hope it's not long til the sale ends - if it's going to have a chance of growing again it needs to be in the ground ASAP.

15 Mar, 2011

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