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I have very rich soil. Weeds and grasses keep growing back even after turning it over and de weeding. Its black in colour, how do i prepare this soil to grow nothing but edible crops, and keep the other stuff away.



Hi Rolo and welcome to GoY. Luck you to have rich fertile soil. Digging over and removing all the weeds is the only way forward if you want to grow food crops on afterwards. You'll probably have to do this several times to get rid of the majority of weed seeds in the ground. Then it is just a matter of hoeing them off when they are small and come up between your planted rows. An alternative would be to put down black plastic for several months which would kill a lot of the weeds but the seeds would still be in the soil and, of course, you would not be able to use the land to grown crops on whilst the plastic was on it.

15 Mar, 2011


In all my experience of gardening which includes that which my parents and grandparets did, I have never known anywhere where there are absolutely no weeds ever.

If there is a "magic" solution to being completely weed free then Iwould like to hear it from a GOYer too.

15 Mar, 2011


Some weeds will grow back if you just dig them in shallowly. Buttercups & dandelions are not easily discouraged. There is a variety of grass called couch grass (and many other ruder names) that sends long white roots out everywhere and until they are all removed it will keep on popping up again.Annual weed seeds live for ages in the soil, and are also carried in on the wind and in bird droppings, so the battle is a continuous one. You are lucky to have a good fertile soil, but you have to pay the price with constant vigilance. Sorry!

15 Mar, 2011

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