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i live in a ground floor flat and have a share of the communal garden,i was always planning to have a herb garden,but never got round to it,but i do have room for maybe 1or 2 large tubs,for herbs, but 2 of my old neighbours said it isn,t great growing herbs in tubs,is this true,?and if so,why,or is it just certain plants that can,t be grown in tubs.i was only thinking of geral herbs like mint,parsley,chives,sage,thyme and maybe rosemary.



I have grown herbs in pots for as long as i can remember and they have always done ok, keep watered and repot every other year and propagate cuttings of some of the herbs that get a little past their sell by date. hope this helps.

16 Mar, 2011


Good luck with it Ruth. Lots of people grow herbs in pots. You will need to water regularly and to use the herbs. I think it often goes wrong when people let the pots dry out or let the herbs get overgrown and spoil.

16 Mar, 2011


Herbs actually do really well in tubs - and they can look attractive as well. To add to your list, Oregano grows really well in tubs. I would not grow Basil as it seems to get heavily infested with Greenfly and Whitefly. It will also need regular watering, whilst your list and Oregano will do well with dry conditions that tubs can get.

5 Jun, 2011

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