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please help as my sweet peas look droopy at the top and the leaves look papery and dryish.they were an online order from thompson and morgan and just arrived 2 days ago. will they pick up or are they on the way out. Is there anything I can do to help them stand up



I'd be making a complaint to T & M and asking for a refund. Sounds like they've been in the post too long. Did you plant them as soon as you received them or were they already in cells?

13 Mar, 2011


I ordered these June 2010 for delivery March 2011 so you can imagine my panic after waiting so long. They are planted 5 in a cell. I stood them up overnight & planted them the following morning with a feed of Richard Jacksons young plant food from QVC. Is there no way of helping them revive. If all hope is lost I will contact T&M but I would like to help these ones to pick up if thats possible. I haven't grown sweet peas before so I don't know if they can recover when this happens

13 Mar, 2011


Can you put a photo of the sweet peas up? Just add it as an edit to your question.

14 Mar, 2011

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