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which is the correct way to plant seed potatoes eye upwards or downwards



You plant potatoes with the wider part upwards.

13 Mar, 2011


Makes damn all difference which way you plant them as you are likely to have eyes coming off at all angles. If they are very large you can cut into pieces so long as each one has around 3 eyes, face these upwards as far as possible but don't fret as the sprouts will move upwards to the surface in any case.

13 Mar, 2011


hi there,

Gardeners world did an experiment a few years ago.
Month don planted some seed spuds that he " chit " and some that he planted straight from the bag he brought them in, as I recall, it didn't make much of a difference.

I rub off all but the two strongest eyes and pop them in facing up.
Happy growing.

14 Mar, 2011

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