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Can I grow my peas in pots to start them off and then transfer to my garden



Hi and welcome to GoY. Yes you can start your peas off in pots and transfer to the ground April time. If you make pots up out of newspaper or use the inside of toilet rolls you don't even need to un-pot, just plant the whole thing and the roots will push through.

13 Mar, 2011


Hi Jonkin, welcome to GoY! You can indeed start off your 'legumes' indoors. However, they dislike root disturbance, so lots of people grow them in pieces of guttering in rows so they can just slip them straight off and into the ground. I myself use coir pots which you can just plant in the ground when the time is right and they decompose in the ground, so that way the roots don't get disturbed. Good luck! I haven't got mine started yet. To be honest, I think they are better sown direct later into warm soil. In my experience they seem to grow faster and catch up quickly with the earlier sown ones. Great though, easy to grow and absolutely delicious. Hardly ever cook any as I tend to eat them all raw when I'm in the garden! :) Karen

13 Mar, 2011


I also use guttering, works really well!

14 Mar, 2011


Bulba is going to try that this year as we had our gutters replaced last year...

14 Mar, 2011

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