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By Craggs

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all my vedge seedlings have bolted why ?started them off in bedroom , are they any good or will i have to start again?



You are trying to grow out of season, without light plants grow long and sometimes go to seed. Start again using white polystyrene underneath your seed pots.

13 Mar, 2011


thanks for that Doctorbob1 what will the polystyrene do? started again and placed in conservatory this tme .

13 Mar, 2011


Conservatory is better than bedroom window Craggs. I'm guessing polystyrene is to reflect light Dr bob? Conservatory has a lot more light...hope you do better this time Craggs! :))

13 Mar, 2011


cherrs , i hope so or this could turn out to be a expensive year

13 Mar, 2011


Yes Karen, the polystyrene is to reflect light. Craggs, you could line a box with it so as to form a propogater, covered with a piece of glass, you need to turn the glass each day.

13 Mar, 2011

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