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Thanks to everyone who replied to my question about the Nandina domestica. I regret to say I know nothing about how this plant has been grown. I saw it in the garden of a terrace house in Kew quite near Kew gardens. Perhaps you will be able to tell the kind of soil from its location. The wall it was against was south facing I'm fairly certain. It was certainly in full sun the day I took the photo. I took the photos some time in Feburary. I would like to go grow one against an east facing wall in a protected garden in southern Scotland. I might try it when I have done a bit more research.

Thanks again SG



Hi Startinggardener - just a note about how to use the forum. This additional information and comment would have been better added to your original question in the "Comment" box under all the comments so far. Anyone who has replied would get a notification that there is more to read on this topic so they'd find it easily, and it keeps the whole topic together so it's more coherent, rather than having to bob about all over the place to follow it.
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13 Mar, 2011

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