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By Japon

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Bonemeal or chicken pellets?



To do what specifically Japon?

13 Mar, 2011


These are two very different fertilisers. Bonemeal has very little notrogen whilst chicken pellets are very high in nitrogen. Nitrogen is the fertiliser that promotes green leaves so is good for cabbages etc; for flowering plants you don't want lots of big leaves so you don't give nitrogen.

13 Mar, 2011


Thanks Bulb......Bonemeal it is then.

16 Mar, 2011


Hi, interesting Bulb, cos I wondered earlier - is it ok to put chicken pellets on shrubs which have flowered early (specifically chaenomeles, japonica or quince(!)growing in a pot) and are now producing their new leaves....
thank you, jeanette

16 Apr, 2011

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