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Hello, I am new this year to growing veg, I have a small plot 6x3ft, and I am a bit confused on how to prepare the soil. I dont know if I should add lots of compost/manure to the soil as I have read that some veg do not like rich soil, ie carrots. As it is a small area not sure how to rotate or what to add for the best results, would appreciate any advice.



Hi Angela and welcome to GoY. Your veggie growing area is very small if the soil is in good heart I would be tempted not to add any compost at all. Potatoes are not going to be an option as they would need the whole bed and even then you would only get 2 rows in. Equally I would suggest you forget parsnips and main crop carrots.

Rotation is going to be just about impossible as you need to use as much of the land as you can all of the time.

I'd suggest growing salad crops (lettuce, rocket, radishes, spring onions) you might be able to grow some of the smaller chinese greens too, milan (summer) turnips (use when golf ball size), early carrots (pull them when they are still small and use whole). On the brassica front rather than growing from seed I think you will be better to buy the small number of plants you will need given your lack of space.

Good luck!

10 Mar, 2011

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