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my grape vines still look like dead wood with no sign of any green.should i be worried or is there still a chance that they have survived.



You don't say where you are in the UK but I view this as perfectly normal for the time of year. Another few weeks and you should start to see leaves appearing.

10 Mar, 2011


thanks for your response,i will keep my fingers crossed .I am in n/east,where it is still quite cold.

10 Mar, 2011


My grape vine still looks as dead as a "door nail", but in a few weeeks time it will spring into life..I hope!.

10 Mar, 2011


I'm in Sussex and still haven't had bud break on my 2 types of vine, so still time to prune them though!

10 Mar, 2011


I' in east yorks and my vine is in the greenhouse and wont break buds until at least mid april for me.

10 Mar, 2011


cheers everyone for all your replies to my question,I will respond later should they spring to life.Its just that all 3 vines are outdoor varieties and are to be able to with stand frosts of -6 ,but as we all know ,this winter produced frosts of almost -14 . I LIVE IN HOPE NOW , THANKS EVERYONE

10 Mar, 2011


Vines can withstand temperatures far lower than any we've had in the UK. In the vineyards of France & Germany the temperatures regularly drops to -14˚ in winter. This does not bother the vine at all as all the sap is down in the roots and the vine is dormant. Only when spring comes and the temperatures rise will the sap come up into the actual vine. Think of all the perennial shrubs that die back to nothing at the end of autumn and then grow again in spring.

11 Mar, 2011

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