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I have a very small square yard and along the 3 walls; gate in one corner I want to build a high raised bed along the perimeter say about 4ft high plus to keep this cheap I was thinking of using breeze block and painting the outside of it. I want it high to plant shrubs like Berberis darwinii for extra security up againts trellis. The walls around the garden are about 5ft without the trellis ~ hope this makes sense? Just wondered if I need to line the breeze block for the bushes or do I need to use the brick seal solution on the outside of the breeze block? Or is this just a really bad idea! It should look like a high shrub fence but I can then use the rest of the square yard for table and chairs plus some nice plants, pots etc.



To preserve the breeze block, I would put a sealer everywhere the soil is going to touch, and allow it to dry thoroughly (several days) before filling the beds with soil. Planting a hedge in raised bed, remember that the bed will need to be at least as wide--from the wall to the inside front edge--as 1/2 the planned height of the hedge--from the soil level in the bed. Better also check council rules on hedge heights above walls.

9 Mar, 2011


Agree with Tugbrethil's comments - make the width of the beds a minimum of 3 feet from front to back. I have a query though - is your yard already completely paved, or is there soil there. In other words, are you building these raised beds on a hard surface like paving or concrete, or will there be soil beneath? Should be built on open ground, so that the plants have decent drainage and more root room, not over paving.

9 Mar, 2011


Have you thought of using climbers rather than shrubs, as they need less width. You could use roses or how about loganberries or blackberries?

9 Mar, 2011


Thanks for the advice everyone. There is concrete down at present but I will be taking that up, I also like the idea of maybe using the climbers along one side of the wall, especially Blackberries. If you have any other burglar deterrent climber plants please let me know I appreciate any ideas.

10 Mar, 2011


Pyracantha's a good one - not a climber as such, but likes to grow against a wall, wicked thorns on it, but will need regular pruning to keep it against the wall.

11 Mar, 2011

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