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Hi, I'm looking to buy a bush(es)/tree(s) to provide some screening at the end of my garden, ideally it needs to be evergreen, grow to about 12ft high and spread to about 6ft, look good and something that the birds would like. I think I've probably got too many criteria but I'd thought I'd ask! Many thanks



There are many plants that fit this bill, your criteria isn't that bad.
There are fast growers and slower growers - have a look in garden centres and see what types of 'look' and style/habit you prefer - also look at online tree and shrub suppliers.

Decide too what age/maturity plant you want to buy - buying a small pot grown one from a garden centre means you're looking at the plant taking up to 4 or 5 years to make up some height - fast growing means up to 1' per year, slower obviously much less per year - this needs to be factored into your equations.

Buying 'established' or 'mature' plants is definately worth a thought, i've done it several times and is second to none when you need height and width fast !

6 Mar, 2011


How about one of cotoneasters. Some grow to that size , are evergreen or semi-evergreen and have lots of berries for the birds.

6 Mar, 2011

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