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Hello Everyone,

My first time on the site. Really excited!!
I am a keen gardener but am a complete novice. I do hope that someone can help with what I am sure is only the first of many questions!!! Sorry in advance!

I recently got two 2 inch bare root flame flower plants. I tried to follow the instructions but it didn`t tell me which way to plant them i.e which way up???Do I cover what look like sticks up completely. One looks like it has gone mouldy and the other one is doing nothing.

Have I done it wrong already!!!

I am keeping them indoors as there are still frosts about...

Many thanks




Hello Lainey and welcome to GoY. By Flame Flower do you mean the nasturtium type plant that grows up and over shrubs, has red flowers (Tropaeolum speciosum)? This grows from a whitish tuber that is dormant in winter but fully hardy in the north of Scotland. This tuber should never be allowed to dry out and I would not have thought it suitable for selling as 'bare rooted' in the first place. I would get them planted, a few inches down, straight away in the position that you intend them to grow in. If you can't decide which way is up then lay them on their side, they won't mind! They can be difficult to get established so don't be too upset if they don't even grow this summer, they may be OK next year.

5 Mar, 2011


Hi and welcome to GoY, just a thought but if you sprinkle the the tuber that you think has gone mouldy with ground cinnomon before you plant it acts as a natural antifungal, dont cover the sticks just the tubers.

5 Mar, 2011


Hi it could also be a kniphofia or red hot poker.
If in doubt lay the sticks on their side then they will grow the correct way. clever things plants.
welcome to GoY from me too.

5 Mar, 2011


Many thanks for the great advice. I shall plant them out today.

7 Mar, 2011

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