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> I need some advice on my Prunus Shirotae
> The bark at is peeling away and woodlice have moved in. I am not sure if
> the woodlice are the cause of the problem.
> This happens at the top of the trunk where the branches form.
> I have three trees planted with one totally clean and the other two
> effected. They are planted approx 15 years in a lawn close to the road. I
> have Leylandii trees close by also
> I have pruned them to leave a nice open centre
> What can I apply to this area? would canker paint be suitable
> I greatly appreciate any advice
> Kind regards
> Brian Hazzard
> County Down
> N Ireland



Prunus trees are only safely pruned in summer when the sap is rising well. Otherwise they are prone to a fungal disease called silver leaf. The affected ones may be dead/dying I'm afraid. I wouldn't apply a canker paint as it won't do much good. It could also be that water is settling into the top and rotting it.

3 Mar, 2011


Thanks for the response
Would a feed benefit any?

4 Mar, 2011

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